Sonicare 4100 versus 5100 vs . 6100, What's the Change Among Them?

Sonicare 4100 versus 5100 vs . 6100, What's the Change Among Them?

The Defensive Nice and clean 4100 is primarily using the end aim connected with tooth plaque control thus the idea creates cleaner teeth by way of immovably pressed quality material which in turn tidy up in order to multiple times a lot more microbes than a standard tooth brush. Though the Safety Nice and clean 5100 makes your gums considerably more beneficial by simply expelling tooth plaque around the nicotine gum line in order to strengthen your gum well-being up in order to 100% in excess involving the manual tooth brush in addition to the protecting clean 6100 makes your own the teeth whole lot more white. It does that using its immovably stuffed discoloration evacuation main fibres and by squeezing W DiamondClean brush head to expel exterior stains. best electric toothbrush for receding gums and sensitive teeth 's exhibited medically that brighten teeth can involvement with more effective days. All these three most have several purposes therefore they have numerous determinations to attain the ultimate solution.


Defensive Clean 4100 offers just a single method and that is cleaning mode even though Defensive Clean 5100 and even 6100 both have several modes which are sparkling, white and bubble gum care modes.


Another big difference concerning these kind of three brushes is the fact that Sonicare 4100 possibly possesses a charger which is usually valuable when you are usually voyaging yet 5100 plus 6100 both have some sort of charger when going with regard to essential stretches of moment and a practical vacation case which helps you shop your tooth brush well. This specific movement case is usually lacking with Sonicare 4100.

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