How to Make a Cockfight Confession

cockfight confession

So you want to make a Cockfight Confession? If you've never before attempted to claim an alien cock as your own, it's never to late to do so. It's a simple process and can be accomplished without any technical expertise on your part. The following are some tips for getting started.

Create a decent and well presented photo of your alien. Most people fail to do this because they aren't too concerned with their craft. Before you tembak ikan online photograph the cock, make sure you have the essential elements ready to go. Some basic digital camera skills may be helpful.

Take a quick snapshot of the entire cock. Don't get carried away by what you think is good enough. Check out the distances and angles in the photo you just took. Just because a picture looks great doesn't mean it really is. Some photos are over-done and can look fake.

Compare those shots and see which ones look better. Check the lighting, the poses, the angle of the shots. You should find several shots that stand out. After all, you want to be consistent and produce a strong Cockfight Confession. Too many variations in how one takes a picture and it will make you look like you are not dedicated. A hard work ethic is a good trait in a person who wants to complete an alien craft.

Build upon the two that look best in the background. When you are comparing photos of yours against the same or similar aliens, don't forget to check the lighting. Too much light and it makes the photos a bit softer, but not dark enough and it makes them a bit too bright.

Make a note of the photos and make notes on the aspects you noticed that made each photo look more like your cock than others. Your final findings should help in your selection of aliens to bring to the next step of the process. Come up with three or four choices and ask each to get their photo taken in the same location, but upside down. Don't take the pictures and then try to tell which one looks more like you. Instead, compare the photos side by side to ensure your aliens have similarities that allow you to produce a Cockfight s128 Confession.

Take your results and compile them, creating a folder for each of the multiple photographs of your alien. Be careful and selective. Never count on just one photo to do it. You may need to take some more photos. Don't worry about making a fool of yourself.

The next step is to return to the Cockfight Judging Area, where you will take more photos. Next comes the Judging. Don't worry, it's easy.

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