Top New Convertibles to Hit The Market in 2012

Top New Convertibles to Hit The Market in 2012

With stabilizing economic conditions automakers are finally bringing new design, two sectors receiving many new entrants is the convertible and roadster niches.
Peugeot 206; Economy And Style: Launching hard top and roadster models of its lineup has become a norm with French automaker, 208's hard top version is soon to hit the market with similar turbo charged, small, peppy 1.6 litre petrol engine under its hood. But don't expect anything fancy in cockpit, convertible would most likely be stripped down to bare minimum, to keep it in same price bracket, most gadgets will find their way as expensive options.
VW Beetle; Why Should Girls Have All The Fun: Newly designed Beetle was available in markets by 2011 but its convertible version was scheduled for 20 1 2/07/The-Importance-of-World-Sight-Day">1 2. However, it's only logical to expect soft top in this little head turner, simply because there's no space for folding hard top. But this soft top is 'good news' for guys as its updates are to make it more masculine, a nice move to attract new market segment.
Golf Gti; You Don't Have To Spend Big To Have Fun: Since Volkswagen Golf already has a convertible then why shouldn't it's more aggressive brother, GTi, should have one. Unlike other automakers, VW is planning to equip GTi with more gadgets, and most probably a heftier price


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