Learn How to Collect R.S. Prussia Porcelain

Learn How to Collect R.S. Prussia Porcelain

��Learn How to Gather R.S. Prussia Porcelain
Reinhold Schlegelmilch produced what collectors take into account to be R.S. Prussia (RSP for quick) in his factory in Suhl, Germany, from the late 1800s by way of World War I. Following the war, the factory moved to Tillowitz, Germany, and following World War II the factory after again shifted venue, this time to Poland. R.S. Prussia pieces were and continue to be hugely valued, though person pieces may be much more or much less expensive based on a quantity of elements.

About the R.S. Prussia Firm
Throughout its history, the R.S. Prussia company manufactured a wide variety of china pieces and sets, which includes teapots, cups and saucers, plates, sugar bowl

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