Lucy Nunn Duramed Futures

Lucy Nunn Duramed Futures

Apart from her World Championship, Here are some other achievements in Suzanns trophy case. British women in 1999. She won the 2001 French Open. Though she did not win, she finished second in the 2007 Safeway International. 2007. No question that 2007 was Suzanns breakout year. She took first place in. The McDonalds, The Longs Drugs Challange, The Michelob Ultra Open, Honda LPGA Thailand, Hana Bank KOLON Championship and The SAS Masters. Definitely an excellent series of what the personable player is capable of accomplishing. Paula and Michele and many others have great golf swings and might also become greater than they've shown but Suzann seems to posses a burning fire that great athletes need to push them further and to be their very best.

Suzann has a excellent shoulder turn and is extremely subtle. A most accurate driver of the golf ball. It helps when your favorite club is the driver which for Suzann it's a Nike Driver. Her positive attitude can only help propel her forward and possibly get to the pinnacle of becoming the best player in the world for the girls. In her own words, she gives you just a hint of her steadfast determination to get the top ranking. "

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