We now have passed a genuinely Cartesian quarter of a great hour

We now have passed a genuinely Cartesian quarter of a great hour

Returning, then, to my subject, the initiating theme ;-(
Bring it on faith. Which is normally said, with extra or significantly less comic inflection, when beliefs at a few dubious impasse is exactly what all of us are least likely to have. If that doesn't just concur to the existential condition from which the cinema of the Silly surfaced, it does reflect on the subject of this absurd condition associated with American politics that guided, through holding chads within Florida and a Substantial The courtroom decision with no legal chemical at all, to the faith-based initiative of our born-again us president, who recently set a new definitive quietus to any residue of the cool war by looking straight into the eyes of his Russian counterpart and even, of course, seeing into his or her heart and soul. That any skepticism inside the gaze was allayed by a former agent from the KGB is virtually too outdoors a conceit, its fulsome uncertainty connected with the global dramón that belong more, perhaps, with a John Bond video than to often the theater of the Absurd. Although here body would seem we have virtually no choice: we either have it on faith or perhaps laugh out loud, frivolity redoubling at the imagined that it might possibly be either/or, whereas in the faith-based gumption of this absurdist theater you could, from minimum, have it the two ways. I say at at least because, in this drama involving Ionesco


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