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Once the representation of 9/11 hit, “shocked viewers members launched a quiet however seething strike”, withholding their laughter and applause. They will surely turn into conscious of the powers inherent in other generations, that the kids and the elderly possess the wisdom of resurrection in our time. The religious ceremony was the manifestation of inborn memory from ancient times before poisonous chemical medicines existed, when all life forms recognized they had been interconnected and that they may heal themselves and one another in these caring and exquisite methods.
The children take turns with the hornpipe and speak of their personal reminiscences and wishes, reminding the rocks that by way of respiration they can be revived. At the same time, the inscription of their names and drawings on skins go away marks upon the rocks, a healing patch of love that may channel beads of etheric frequencies into them and open the passageway to a renewed life. We find ourselves gathered together at a Tree of Life whose leafy hairs bear a crown.
Those taking part on this ceremony of rebirth are the kid survivors of the nice Earth catastrophe. They appear to know intuitively the appropriate gestures to make to summon the awakening of the planet’s life force, to know the healing energies that accompany the gestures with loving words of memory and of knowledge. The kids have introduced with them to this incarnation an infinite reminiscence of time and area from different lives during which they had been being prepared, each for this moment and for their particular spiritual mission. To name my imagined theatre piece with a Greek time period, “Pneuma” — when utilizing “Breaths” in English or “Qi” in popularized Chinese pinyin could suffice — recalls the queerness in me.
The youngsters and the aged healer—Mother, Ah Ma—speak volumes in silence. They remind us that those that were disempowered within the civilization that suffered via this last catastrophe at the fringe of the world, the elderly and the youngsters, are precisely those that possess the spiritual knowledge and understanding essential now for resurrection. We see this emergence mirrored in our personal time, once we were all quarantined and the space was cleansed on Earth in order that the animals could return to seek out sustenance and the love that the previous tenants of the Earth didn't bathe upon them. Those have been the millennia when the humans possessed all the ability and didn't perceive that the Earth was alive, as had been all types of life upon Her.
Gibson Alessandro Cima is an Assistant Professor of Theatre History in Northern Illinois University’s School of Theatre and Dance. His research pursuits include South African theatre and efficiency, theatre from the Global South, publish-colonial principle, and theatre-for-social-change.
The hornpipe restored to the cave, the rocks reveal that their respiratory is now healed, and the dad and mom of the children are summoned. Naturally, the lungs are most important for the revival

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