Looking for a fast, reliable, good quality and low insurance group hatchback.?

Looking for a fast, reliable, good quality and low insurance group hatchback.?

I'm 24 and at the moment have a fairly low Saxo VTR with a couple of other performance mods, it handles like a dream on nice roads and has good acceleration. It's starting to fall apart with things going wrong left, right and centre, due to French engineering I presume? I have a DR10 on my licence from 4-5 years ago, so my insurance is a bit pricey. I just paid for a year so I can swap it straight over. I'm looking for something as fun to drive as standard and NOT French. Thanks Oh and please spare me the lectures, speed is for safe overtaking and I'm not driving too fast, you're driving too slow!
I suggest one to visit this website where you can get rates from different companies: http://insurance4me.xyz
Therefore I'm 18 years of age and I've a 2001 mazda protege. what's the cheapest auto insurance i can enter Ga?
please be sincere since i really need to find out.

How can I get inexpensive insurance for my 18 y.o. Daughter? I acquired him a 2004 Accord and now we have 2 automobiles and 2 drivers?
He doesn't stay with me - he lives' who has her own vehicle. How can I make it so he is unexpected therefore I do not have to cover $4000 a year in insurance? May I only insure the cars and keep them under my title while he lives at his parents while letting him get it? May they accept with me therefore ought to be irregular if both vehicles come in my brand he does not live? Any ideas how I can do that?"

Is their a 6 with insurance that is reduced in florida?
what year? Design?

Simply how much will I be gone up for by car insurance?
im 15 and that I live in FL and so I might get my permit but my mom said shes not allowing me except i get set onto theyre insurance (statefarm) but she also mentioned shes not finding me insurance if its tremendous expencive....any1 recognize a calculated amount it'll go up????

Auto insurance help needed?
I'm 16 plus a male and I should discover insurance would cost on the 2000 Monte Carlo SS. http://www.feedbooks.com/user/6198583/profile noticed so I have approximately a 3.3 GPA in HS that pod quality help"

Question about auto insurance. 10 points are given by will. Thankyou!?
Well i have a fundamental hometown insurance, plus they cost me 415bucks, im 16 years old and male. We own 2000 toyota camry, a Chevy Enterprise, and 1989 toyota any are n't owned by me, so just how am I able to be still getting charged? I considered only the manager will get charged, I could get under my dads insurance.? My dad owns the toyota camry. Cousin possesses the 00 camry., daddy owns van."

Beginning an insurance provider in illinois?
So how would you do about how much would it not charge and this? But when it costs that much then how would anyone ever be capable of begin one? Could it be a good idea do you consider that it probably would not be described as a success or to start out an insurance company? Furthermore, what is the distinction between an agency and an insurance comany. In the event you start an insurance agency, do create a bundle?"

Is there

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