Have you ever needed to ship a solution but could not find the appropriate packaging? Get a appear at our supply and we are confident that you will be impressed by our packaging .

We generate cardboard of numerous dimensions, hues and capacities, as two-layer cardboard , 3-layer, five-layer or 7-layer cardboard are accessible.

In your company, transportation packaging certainly represents a cost that you would like to minimize in the potential, which is why our business is the right associate for you. Income and manufacturing of packing containers and cartons of a variety of proportions, hues, load capacity… according to the customer's demands. We provide the produced cartons to your tackle inside five functioning days.

Cardboard goods

Kinds and styles of cardboard merchandise

In our cardboard catalog you will certainly discover a sort of cardboard that will match your needs and requirements. You can get any dimension of the inner dimensions of the box and the type of condition. In addition to the most well-known design FEFCO 0201 and numerous other folks, you will also be in a position to select packaging that is appropriate for gifts, guide clippings or packaging that will provide as a wrapper. The packaging you select can also be printed, in full or only with a logo. We also have a remedy for these who do not want to glue the box and just want to fold it. From above 140 various cardboard designs, pick your sort of box that will very easily fold into neat and resilient packaging.

Cardboard catalog
How cardboard is made
Did you know that a cardboard box was developed by opportunity? Tobos embalaža 2020 It is true. In the nineteen seventies, printer Robert Gair accidentally lower into a paper bag, folded it, and then determined to develop a stronger cardboard box .

Cardboard boxes are diverse, but all have the same three simple substances. Wrinkled paper or pleated paper caught in between layers of flat paper. With each other they type the so-called corrugated cardboard. The manufacturing of cardboard a commences with a massive roll of partially recycled paper, and you can see the production method in the clip below.

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