Plastic Surgeon O1

Plastic Surgeon O1

Plastic Surgeon O1


Gouers is the website of The Tesoriero Law Firm, an O-1 Visa Law Firm located in New York City. Our firm is one of the few in the country that exclusively handles talent visa matters. The work visa we handle is the O-1, but we also do the green card version of the O-1 visa, which is the EB-1 Visa. Generally, people first get the O-1 Visa and then progress onto the EB-1 Visa as the EB-1 Visa is harder to achieve, but has similar criteria. We pride ourselves on our hard work and excellent reputation in the field.The Tesoriero Law Firm helps individuals, businesses, and organizations secure O-1 Visas. We are also a resource for other law firms looking for advice regarding O-1 Visas. Although this is a private, for-profit law firm, many of our resources have been made available to the public on our website.


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